Women one-stop center cottages

The poignant, but common story of many homeless women (Nakuru and Nairobi counties) — and their children— includes despair, codependency and hopelessness. Whether escaping a domestic violence situation, battling addiction, or suffering other trauma, homeless women, gilrs and children are vulnerable to increasing dangers if not helped soon. In addition to the dangers of crime and violence on the street, rising instances of sexual and human trafficking, slavery and exploitation make homelessness for women and children a life-threatening proposition. They need a safe place to start over, where they can begin to turn their lives around. The Women One Stop Center (WOSC) at Naivasha is that safe place and thus the need to construct rooms/cottages and make fully functional.

Aims and Objectives
? Provide love, food, shelter, clothing, safe drinking water, medical care to the women
? Offering counselling and group therapy sessions
? Training and graduation of 80 women/girls annually
? Offering healing skills to the victims of various forms of abuses
? Help cut down the number of girls joining sex industry in the Kenyan society
? Reduce HIV/AIDS related cases, through education and prevention
? Help girls who are not academically inclined to acquire technical skills, which will allow them to support themselves in the future
? Continue the close working relationship with Government Rescue Centres and Children’s Homes in order to help provide the local community with the fundamentals needed in their society.

Key Milestones

  • Land purchase
  • Registration fees to council
  • Fence and gate construction
  • Connecting electricity – In progress
  • Water connection
  • Workshop room construction(2 classes Completed)
  • Cottages BOQ

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